Monday, March 10, 2014


Friends, it is WARM out! A wonderful 52 degrees this afternoon. I loved that I didn't need a coat and it was a reminder that there is still hope this world. (Call me miss dramatic). 

The weather also relieved a mini freak out I had today. I found out that my maternity leave is unpaid. 

what the what?!

How in the flippin world I missed that memo is truly beyond me. Especially being a planner. Truth be told, I cried for a second. Mostly from shock, hormones, thinking I'll have to be pregnant 40+ weeks instead of 37 and less sleep last night. BUT when I actually thought things through, I was reminded that we are so freakin blessed because we will be fine, it's so good to have plans change, and ultimately the Lord is in control of when Will is going to arrive...and we are going to love him to the moon and back when he makes his grand entrance.

Speaking of the moon, Will and I have been doing some light reading. It's been fun to go through some of the classics (like Guess How Much I Love the moon and back) with him. I think he's also going to be so pumped to meet Mags when we bring him home from the hospital. You know, since she tried to communicate with the 50 neighborhood dogs who walked by our house while we were reading. When she wasn't barking, she was digging in a plant. No worries, the steam cleaner wasn't necessary this time. I do see, however, more timeouts looming in our future...

Corey and I were on a roll yesterday and put together the bassinet, bouncer, play set, baby gate, and bath tub. It was fun bonding time ;)

Mags was so intrigued by the sound the tub made. I took a video of her cocking her head back in forth with those cute floppy ears, but I was having technical difficulties uploading it here. I also wish I could upload a video of my belly. It's a unique perspective looking down at the little one doing a Beguine dance on the inside (look it up).

In the movie process, I did find a bunch of other videos that I didn't realize I had. Like me playing with my now TEN year old nephew when he was two, our other nephews' birthdays, playing with my bff and cat (we were obviously in the popular crowd...), singing on road trips with friends for weddings, and the like. 

Time flies.

It's crazy how fast all our nephews have grown up. And even crazier to think I'm going to be the mom in the videos and not the ridiculously awesome Aunt.

But'll be sweet :)

"I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all of Your wonders."
Psalm 9:1


Stacy Hoeksema said...

It was 68 degrees today. We ate dinner on the deck and Adam was in shorts and a t-shirt. What is in store for tomorrow you ask? 5 inches of snow. Gag me.

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