Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well folks, I just finished spring parent-teacher conferences.

This week wasn't as busy as the fall ones, so fortunately I was able to do much planning and preparing for my maternity leave, as well as plenty of report writing. I'd like to have everything set, to the extent possible, so whoever covers my position can easily jump in. I'm trying to think of anything and everything possible that would need to be ready. Although I'm sure I'll miss some things, I want to be able to focus solely on Will when he decides to arrive (could be in 6 weeks!) which I'm sure won't be difficult to do ;)

Usually I write cards for my students at the end of the year, but I think I'm going to make bookmarks for them instead. I thought about typing up a little note of encouragement/reminder of their goals to work on  while I'm gone on maternity leave...hopefully this will make the transition a little smoother for some too. 

I was also thinking the end of the year activity would be writing on beach balls. The students would have the opportunity to write on their own (i.e. cool-down skills or friendship skills) as a reminder in the summer. I'm pretty sure 98% of them will lose or break them...but it's worth a shot!

Pregnancy update: my belly was lopsided for most of the day. Even a few co-workers noticed. Will was all like, "Hey, notice me!" 
He's been such a mover and shaker today. 

How do you prepare for change?


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