Friday, March 21, 2014

Embrace It

I've probably said what I'm about to type a million times already. Or maybe not. I honestly can't remember anything these days as I learn that pregnancy brain is a real thing. (My doctor even said so). 

What I'm finally comfortable admitting is that I don't enjoy being pregnant. 

Say what?!

I mean, I absolutely love Will more than I can even verbalize, and I'm sure this feeling will increase exponentially once he's in my arms. I absolutely love his movements. The kicks, punches, tickles, waves, dances. I absolutely love that we've been given a gift, and I don't want to take that for granted. I love having photos to document his development and remind Corey and I of our love for each other.

The rest of pregnancy...just not my favorite thing.

I recently posted a quick video of Will's movements on FB. There were so many experienced moms reminding me to enjoy it as it is something they miss. I am sweetened by their encouragement, and they remind me that I really need to...

Embrace it. 

Embrace the last 4-8 weeks (ha!) of pregnancy. Embrace the life that the Lord has blessed us with even if my body screams otherwise. There is purpose for the discomforts and so much joy to be had during this entire process. So much personal growth has occurred through my minute challenges of pregnancy, and more significant growth will undoubtedly occur as Corey and I soon navigate parenthood.

No matter how tiring or long or uncomfortable pregnancy is (just bring real), I'm grateful I have the opportunity to experience it. To embrace it. 

So here's to embracing the final stretch of this prepartum leg cramp at a time ;)


Amanda V said...

Holly, when I was pregnant, I completely felt the same way as you do! Being pregnant is not fun! I promise that it is worth it though! Only a few more weeks until you are holding your precious baby in your arms!!

Christina Winell said...

"Being Real" is not a bad thing. :) It's ok to admit that you don't LOVE every aspect of pregnancy because it is hard. It is worth it though and your perspective is so refreshing. It's awesome that you want to embrace these coming weeks and trust that God will give you what you need to enjoy the little sweet moments while giving you strength to 'get through' those leg cramps, or the heart burn, or whatever it may be… ;) We are not alone in this and that is a beautiful thing. Blessings!

Tara said...

I totally get it. I felt the exact same way. The outcome is so worth it though! I can't believe I did that 3 times, because I was miserable every time. I can guarantee that once you're holding that little guy in your arms, you'll forget all about this unpleasant and uncomfortable time! :)

Erin Cole said...

Totally agree. It is tough work carrying another life. Maybe that's why women do it??? Just sayin'. Also, you tend to easily forget the painful, frustrating parts as soon as they are over. That's why we do it over again and again. Lol. Complain away. Consider me an ear to vent to!!! Now, and after he's out. ;)

Katie said...

I love this! I think being real is so important...and not feeling guilty about it. Every single women and pregnancy and baby is different...and there is absolutely no shame in that! Hoping these last weeks fly by (in the most relaxing way!) and baby boy is here before you know it :)

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