Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Big 7-1

Well kids, this weekend has turned out as expected...quite restful and fun! We celebrated my Dad's 71st birthday yesterday. We had fun eating and laughing. My family is going to rent some cabins (no worries, indoor plumbing, microwave and coffee maker for Corey...sigh :)) on Wolf Lake in June. We are so pumped! It's exciting to think it will be Will's first family trip. I'm so thankful for the Godly man my Dad is, and I am excited for him and Will to meet. I forgot to get a picture with my Dad--rats--but I snapped a few others... 

I can't believe how big they are!!

Who doesn't want a cat hanger?

Luna refused to make eye contact

 Unfortunately a common sight...

Words cannot describe how much I love, admire and appreciate my pops!


Katie said...

Your family seems so big and fun! Can you imagine how much your nephews will love Will once he gets here? He'll have SO many playmates!

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