Friday, March 7, 2014

Whale Nursery

To say we went with a whale theme for the nursery is an understatement. As soon as I found the bedding from Land of Nod I was hooked.

Enjoy some of the whale treasures in Will's future resting place!

No worries, the toys will come out before baby sleeps :)

Of all things, the hubs was obsessed with the humidifier 

Bath storage

Guest book at our first shower

Delicious cake at our second shower

And then there's the unending clothes...

I adore the fake jeans

hello thrift stores

Of course a curious boxer

And an uninterested cat

We are so thankful for all the thoughtful gifts. Is it possible to go overboard with whales? 
We don't think so!


Leah Bradley said...

so sweet. I LOVE the fake jeans outfit. So cute! ... and I also love your ending quote. :)
I want to see "after Will" pictures of this nursery as a blog update in about... 8 weeks? ;)

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