Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Drop It Like Its Hot

I had multiple coworkers tell me I've "dropped" today. AKA Will is snuggling up close to my bladder and preparing for his debut. I think they're right as I feel more pressure down...there, I pee every 2 minutes, my hips have expanded like the Grand Canyon, and my belly has grown significantly in the past week. I have an inkling Will is going to come early. I'm just about 35 weeks and have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so we'll see if there are any important updates. 

I've been quite tired lately. It could be the fact that I just chased Mags around the neighborhood as she was enthralled with running with the wind. I've also put more time in at work...trying to get all that special ed paperwork done in advance to the extent possible. Spring break next week will be FABULOUS. I plan on doing a whole lot of sitting and sleeping and a bit of walking and paperwork. At least that's the goal. Sounds amazing, right?

Corey is going to take a day off work next week, too, so we can have more quality time together. Sometimes I feel like a bum when I get home from work, and tonight I plan on being in bed no later than 8:30pm (and that's only because I'm doing laundry). I did go to the gym one time with him last week...brownie points for me! Bless his heart for walking slowly around the neighborhood with me a few times last week too.

Anywho, we plan to go antiquing and out to eat. I've been really wanting a club wrap and fries from Cheers and Electric Cheetah. It will be a tough decision. People have asked about my cravings. I haven't had any strange ones. I did go through an OJ and McDonalds hash brown craze for a few weeks in the 2nd trimester...eek...but I've craved many things including fruit! I haven't had the "I need it right this second" feeling either. 

Welp, our car seats are loaded, our bags are packed, we have a plan for Mags/Luna, and we've already cleaned out the garage. Although, I feel like I've been nesting since 25 weeks. Let's see how long it takes him to keep droppin', and then we'll finally be on to more exciting baby posts!


Christina Winell said...

So cute! Love the title on this one. Glad things are progressing for you as they should but here's hoping that he stays put a few more weeks. Hang in there!

Katie said...

It's crazy that you're almost full term!!! Can't wait to 'meet' the little guy here on the blog! :)

Leah Bradley said...

What? Don't you want to be pregnant 5 more weeks. I bet Will is so snuggley and cozy in there.

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