Friday, April 11, 2014

Electric Cheetah

What a gorgeous day!

Seriously, it is amazing out. This 70 degree weather is prime for us. Corey and I started the day slowly with him taking Mags for a run, and then we proceeded on our date day.

It was super casual, but simply lovely :)

We ate lunch at Electric Cheetah. Corey was hardly embarrassed that I pulled the big camera out for a few pictures. Then we hit up 6 antique stores. I found another awesome crate for our front porch decor. I can't wait until the weather stays warm, so I can visit Countryside Greenhouse with my mom. I'm planning on incorporating more yellow into our front porch this year, and I'm eager to make it look cute! cookies

While antiquing I also found these little light bulbs! I don't know why, but I was intrigued by them. And truth be told, I love them. I wish I had gotten more, but I can't win 'em all.

We searched high and low for some new records, but it was an off day for that. I was going to get a Christmas record, but Corey convinced me to wait a bit. Wonder why?

Such a hottie

Beatles first record

I thought this was Justin Bieber when I first saw it

If you know me at all, you know I am such a sucker for old books. 
Especially Nancy Drew

When we arrived back at the abode, we sat outside in the lovely sun with Mags. And the snoozing continued before dinner at my parent's house.

To top it off, we are so very grateful to say I've made it to 36 weeks! 
A few signs of labor have started, but nothing major.

Such a fabulous day indeed!


Christina Winell said...

So much fun! I must say your prego pics get cuter and cuter; beautiful!

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