Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Looks

Now that we're full term (although not 40 weeks), we're ready/pumped/eager/thankful/curious/excited to meet baby Will! This belly of mine is quite large, and I am getting SO many stares and smiles. It's actually quite fun. I feel weird typing that, especially being so uncomfortable, but I've been enjoying embracing this past week as we anticipate the arrival of our new family member. People will stop me everywhere I go to comment, ask questions, and give I waddle near them. It feels as though the entire world is happy for us--and I now have 500 new friends--and that's a pretty neat thing. 

Although we don't know if Will is going to arrive in 1 day or 35 (ha!), we're gearing up for this tail end. The Braxton Hicks are coming on stronger, a few other signs have started, and I'm power walking like it's nobody's business. I just had this vision of a pregnant lady prancer-sizing. That's silly.

Anywho, my coworkers have been absolutely wonderful (as always). They are so encouraging, interested and thoughtful. Everyday I hear, "you're still here!" by multiple people. I also have to leave for meetings early because I'll get stopped by staff or students wanting to touch or talk about the baby. I'm not typically a center of attention kind of person, but honestly, all this talk makes me feel 1. normal and 2. loved. It's nice working with a bunch of women (and the poor men who also listen in) who have already been through it or are just plain pumped.

And what else is hilarious? The DK students who ask, "Is your baby still in there?" Some of them totally don't get it, and I love it. "Yep, he's definitely still in my belly! 80 pounds and all". The doc thinks he's going to be a big baby depending on when he's born (thanks to Corey being nearly 10 lb at birth), but regardless, we are ready to get this party started. And I'm ready to be so in love/scared/grateful/amazed/emotional/freaked out. 

And so we wait :)


Leah Bradley said...

I want to meet him! I love the belly, but I am ready for the baby too.

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