Friday, May 30, 2014

A Summer Porch

Mags and Luna have been so good with Will they deserve a shout out. Of course we still take many pictures of them! (yes, I'm know I'm nuts). 

In other news, our porch is finally full of life again! My mom and I took our annual trip to Countryside Greenhouse. Will is such a chick magnet wherever we go. We also checked out the baby birdies at my parent's house...such sweet little things!

Afterwards we walked and visited with Aunt Stacy.
Oh how Will loves her!

We also had Tara and Carson visit with their new puppy, Cooper. He's a peach! And of course our nephews are as cute as ever ;)

This weekend we're having a gathering with our small group. It has been almost 6 weeks since we've gotten together with them, and boy, do we miss them. It feels so nice to be out of the house (even if it's one quick walk a day), so our time with them will be extra great!

Sunday will be spent at church, a luncheon (I think of Nancy Drew books when I use that word), and celebrating my sister in law's birthday. Sunday evening Will is going to enjoy his first sleepover at Nana's! To be honest, this completely freaks me out. What if he needs me? What if he gets scared? What if something goes wrong?   

Or what if it is actually wonderful? It will be healthy for Corey and I, and it will be nice to get some sleep (if I stop thinking about Will ;)). Ultimately I like that we're starting the process of having Will be comfortable in a variety of places and practicing rest. I know he'll have a blast. 
Isn't it funny that making healthy choices can sometimes be the most nerve-racking ones?

And now more pictures!

Enjoying tummy time with his strong neck and cute booty

Swaddle fail. Good thing since it was a furnace in his room...

Our little burrito one fine morning

I love them so. so. much

Will wasn't a fan of the bouncer at first

Such a curious boy

Trying to figure out his over-sized ducky robe after bath time 

His yawns just get me :)

 I hope you are enjoying this dandy weather as we are!


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