Friday, May 9, 2014

Dinner Time

I've already experienced it...

Mother's guilt.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog about this, but I decided it's a healthy thing for me to do. This past week, for reasons I won't go into here, we decided that I was no longer going to breast feed Will and we would switch completely to formula. I was a complete emotional wreck thinking I failed him for not "sticking it out" and pushing through breast feeding even though I quickly found out it is not meant for us. It's crazy how much pressure we (I) put on ourselves (myself) to attain a certain standard or do things the "right" way. I'm such a Type A personality. Ugh.

What I've learned this week--and I'm sure I'll be constantly re-learning--is that I get to decide what the right choice is for our baby! The Lord has given us the opportunity to care for one of His children, and He trusts us to make decisions. He allows the imperfect to care for the imperfect (although Will is pretty perfect so far ;)), so that His power may be shown in our weakness.

Some moms are called to breast feed and that is flipping awesome. Some are called to bottle feed and that is flipping awesome too. Either way, Will is getting the care and love he deserves. 

Step one in experiencing mothers guilt with raging hormones for a person who doesn't typically cry often...

Talk it out and let it go. 

Step two...

Remember whose he is and trust.

We are so incredibly blessed with the amazing friends and family who continually check in on us and affirm our decisions. I'm not sure what I would do without our vast support system, and I'm thankful we have the care when so many people do not. (Corey was thankful too when I was crying non-stop on Tuesday. ha!). The Fellow Flowers group recently posted thoughts about mommy guilt on Facebook. I found it easy to relate to already.

This momma is enjoying figuring out our new life, and both baby and I are already happier since the switch. 

And now a preview of the countless pictures from my phone...

Not a fan of bath time...yet
The yucky cord finally came off!

He always gets hiccups

I wish I could get a picture of him yawning (as if you've never seen someone yawn before), as well as when he lifts his eyebrows--that's my favorite of his facial expressions :) 
I seriously cannot get enough of him...crazy to think today was his due date!

"If we are not fulfilled we deny our children the chance to see us truly alive"


Leah Bradley said...

You have such a mature take on everything, Holly.
Will looks even fatter.. must be all that yummy formula. ;)

You are going to be a great mother, and Will is going to be an adventure.

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