Monday, June 2, 2014

5 weeks

Will is 5 weeks today! 

I can't believe how big he is getting already. He seriously makes my heart melt. 

Last night he had his first sleepover at Nana and Papa's house. It went really well! Of course, I cried on the way home (all 7 miles), and I woke up every hour to check my phone. I didn't want him to feel abandoned by me. And he's so easy going that he didn't feel that way at all ;) Not only was it helpful for me to get better rest and rip the emotional band-aid off, Will is learning to transition to new places even more so. 

My MIL was also able to help us figure out what his fits in the night may be related to. Since Will is a gassy baby, he was having discomfort with not getting all his burps out when laid on his back. He was crying because he needed more burping! Although I felt like an terrible mom for letting him cry at times in the night (thinking he was a colic-y baby), at least we have that figured out now, and he won't remember a thing. Praise Jesus he won't remember. I'm thankful someone else with better functioning brain cells could help me realize that.

Being a mom is humbling. 

I also think the doctor prematurely diagnosed him with colic. Those inconsolable hours within the first two weeks were at a time when we were beginning to figure out who he was and what he needed. Since then he seems to be pretty typical...sweet, snuggly, and usually calm. And really, so so wonderful. He's starting to get into a schedule, and he only wakes up 1-2 times a night to feed now...that means he usually goes 4 hours from the start of one feeding to the next! I am very thankful because I know it will only get longer over time (besides when he's growing). We're also getting our routine and rhythm down. Sometimes I cannot remember life before Will. This morning while I ran errands by myself I was constantly thinking about him and eager to get back to him. 

Anywho, not too exciting of a blog post...but therapeutic for me :)

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart" -Winnie the Pooh


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