Monday, June 23, 2014

8 Weeks!

Our little sweetheart is 8 weeks today!

Will is starting to go 6-7 hours from the start of one feeding to the next at night now! He's done this for a few consistent nights with only a few setbacks. I'm so proud of him, and so flipping thankful. And those morning stretches? I. love. them. And basically kiss Will's face off. Because it's so much effort to wake up and get those diapers changed ;) 

He's also been improving at naps in his crib again. His 4-8pm fussy time proves to be tricky still...but we make do. It's amazing the difference from one month to two months. We know him so much better, and we are much more comfortable in our "parenting skin". Each day brings it's own set of joys and challenges, but we really do love it!

*Note: the 2 month rocking chair pictures will come later this week when he's actually 2 months. Because I know you were wondering...*

We've been trying to do more tummy time. To be honest, some days I completely forget...oops. But he practices body control when we move him in 80 different positions to get out those lingering burps. When we actually do tummy time, we've been putting him on his side and helping him roll over. He pretty much hates it, but I'm sure he'll thank me later.

We had a feeding scare last week. Will decided he wasn't really interesting in food much, and decided to scream or refuse to eat at feedings. For days. So we took him to the doctor, and we are so grateful nothing is wrong. He was again gassy...and showing us who's boss. He's back to training for his eating competitions again. 

Today we are going to our neighbors birthday party (Luukas is 2!), and then I'm actually going to make dinner tonight. Say what?! I know...a miracle. I'm going to make turkey avocado burgers that are not already-made patties. Look at me go. And such an exciting day ;) But I'm also going to register for Mitchell's Run for my Declare It Day goal!

And now what you've really been waiting for...

Those yawns... :)


The faces that accompany the stretches are priceless

One of the burping/tummy-consoling positions
Look at them in their matching tees, ha!

Mags always needs to be close by!

ps Do you guys ever have the urge to go around Costco just to eat all the samples? The people were everywhere on Sunday, and I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a full meal. Fabulous idea? I think so.


Tara said...

I love him!!! Let's go to Costco together one of these days. My kids love Costco just for the samples too ;)

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