Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bottle Heaven

So my last post was about Will being gassy. (Poor kid. Not only do I talk about my own bodily functions, but now I share his as well). A friend suggested trying another bottle. Not quite sure why I thought the stick-it-out-he-will-grow-into-them method made any sense to me. But better late than never, though, and holy awesomeness, Batman!

We switched from Avent to Playtex Drop-In bottles. (Aren't you so glad you know all these details about his feeding ;)). Anyway, he takes in so much less air, is less messy (but still takes after his Dad in this dept), and he is happier. In fact, last night he went almost 6 hours in between feedings! And after he ate/burped we laid him back down with no crying. None. Say what?! I feel like a new woman. I was even able to get in a deep enough sleep to dream more. 

I had a dream that I had long, thick gorilla-like hair on my legs and I blamed it on the "hormones". 

Even I don't understand my mind sometimes. 

Back to bottles. Although we should have switched awhile ago (poor baby!!), I'm still learning. Maybe if Will came out as a toddler we'd be in a different boat, but babies are a novel thing to me. Like I wrote last time, though, thankfully he won't remember. And ultimately my heart explodes for love for this child, this gift. It's insane how emotional I've become when it has to do with him...coming from someone who isn't too emotional to begin with. But the emotions are stretching me and healthy. So I'm exceptionally thankful today. For a happy baby, more sleep, and the support of family/friends. Even if it only lasts for today, it's still wonderful.

And some more good news? 

We're visiting my co-workers/students at school today!


Leah Bradley said...

:) I think you've always been emotional. Your love and emotions run deep... so deep they don't always show up at the surface. You're a beautiful woman, Holly. Will is lucky to have you as his mommy.

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