Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Like to Move It Move It

I lifted weights for the first time in months today. It felt so good to be "back at it." I'm ready for the next day soreness and to slowly build up some muscle again. I've been running a bit more in the past few weeks, and I managed to go 2 miles on Tuesday with a friend (Jen, who encouraged me during the Chicago half). I've also been motivated to go on at least one walk a day (even if it's short!) due to the beautiful summer weather and a pedometer Stac finally showed me how to use. Why I thought it was difficult to figure out in the first place--all you do is walk--is besides the point. Yes, I'd like to keep shedding those pregnancy pounds, but mostly running, walking, and lifting are so necessary for my emotional and mental health. And it's healthy for Will! So I'm thankful to be able to move :)

Will and I picked up a window downtown today that we had special ordered for his room. Yes, it's for the window Mags broke eons ago, and we are only now just replacing so our house no longer looks ghetto.
Also random: a window frame--not just the glass--is called a sash. Who knew?! I really am getting somewhere, I promise.

So while we were downtown we went on walk around the city. We visited the place where Corey proposed--Will was so enthusiastic about it as he slept in his stroller--and some of our other favorite spots. We also snapped some pictures along the Grand River. Although I'm excited to share my lovely city when Will is older and more aware, I'm trying to soak up his sweet littleness now (and his not-so-little chunky baby thighs. Ahh, I love them!) 

Here are some of the G-Rap pictures...

The pedestrian bridge where Corey proposed 
(after a carriage ride & before a fancy dinner)

Public Museum complete with carousel 

Gerald R. Ford Museum

What do you love about your city?


Erin Cole said...

"He threw open the sash..."
Like in a Christms Carole, meaning he opene the window. ;)

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