Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Oh How He Loves Us

I went to a women's worship night at my church last night. It was a beautiful space for me to reflect, and I was pretty overcome with emotion for multiple reasons...

My Love for Will
 Last night I was struck by how much I love our baby. The past two months have really stretched me, but my love for him is indescribable. I cannot imagine life without Will...I love every little detail about him. I cannot believe I get to be his momma!  I was overwhelmed by the realization that I would do and sacrifice anything for him. I've become more emotional since being a mom (check out this super article I received from a friend), and I'm growing more and more okay with that. I am a mom.

God's Love for Will
I am amazed, seriously in awe, that the Lord loves Will infinitely more than I do. How is that even possible? I love him so much that I cannot even put it to words, yet our Heavenly Father loves him vastly more. Wow. I was so thankful the Lord thought of him, created him, and cares so deeply for him. I pray Will learns how loved He is by someone who is so much greater than me.

God's Love for Me 
The Lord loves me. I know this in my head, but it was a sweet reminder for my heart. As my friend shared last night about how God sacrificed his own son for us, I was struck by the fact that I would never choose to give Will up for someone else. Ever. I know that Will isn't really "mine" and the Lord will do as he chooses/what is best, but I can trust Him. And God giving up Jesus for me really hit a chord when I compared it to my own son. 

God's Power to Sustain Me 
I love songs and verses about God's power because of a experience in college. I really doubted the Lord's power, and out of desperation I asked Him to show me. And he sure did. It's a story too long and personal to write on here (although I'd love to share it in person sometime!). However, I'm reminded that He has victory over sin, death and evil. And what a comfort that is! Last night also reminded me of one of my favorite verses (the reference is tattooed on my rib ;))..."Restore to me the joy of your salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit." Psalm 52:12. Life is so much more than being about me--and the Lord will sustain me to do His work if I let him.

God's Hope
Last night was a reminder of God's hope. I have a few close friends struggling with infertility, and I hurt so desperately for them. I cry for them on a regular basis...just wanting them to experience what their heart desires. Something I'm able to experience now. I don't write that so you think I'm a good friend (ha!), but because I was reminded that God does not let us down, and His timing is perfect. Although my heart aches for them, He will provide.

A Story of Healing
A woman shared her testimony last night. She was a drug user and was in prison. It was behind bars where the Lord really met her, and she was able to heal. I praise the Lord for his redemptive work in her life. It was inspiring what He had and continues to do in her life. I also love that she attends Ada, and my church isn't judgmental of people who make poor choices. Because I'm definitely one of them.  

I haven't been able to worship in quite some time since we always go to the "cry room" at church. So the songs they chose, the voices, and the stories were so needed. A room full of women singing praises to our Creator at the top of their lungs is beyond beautiful. As someone put it, "it sounded like a room full of angels." I'm glad the Lord can still grab a hold of my heart and remind me how magnificent He is. 

"Just a glimpse of you revealed is compelling us to sing" --Vertical Church Band 
(Click here to listen)

This summer worship night is once a year...let me know if you want to join next year!


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