Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taking Time

I did it...

I finally went for a run yesterday!

I ended up running a mile in the rain by myself.

It. was. marvelous. 

Yes, it was slow. Yes, I listened to my body. But I needed that time to be refilled. To recharge just a bit. I'm thankful I don't have any discomfort today. 

I'm going to wait a few more days and attempt it again...

To have some alone time and take in all my blessings. Remind myself of this post. Process this wonderful, hard new journey we're on. Be thankful for the journey. Remind myself that even if Corey and I don't always have our little one figured out we still know him the best. Rejoice in the Lord's faithfulness. To live in the present.


Christina Winell said...

So glad you got some time to take care. God gave us these beautiful blessings but you are so right we can't take care of them well if we are not listening to our body and what He needs us to do to take care for ourselves too. We are better moms and wives when we listen to God's leading in our body and how we need to take time to "take care". You're doing such a great job!

Stacy Hoeksema said...

Way to go! Proud of you for sticking to your commitment of getting your running shoes back on. Wish my clients had an ounce of your motivation! I wanna kick them and say: "My best friend just had a BABY and is jumping at the chance to be healthy and get active!" :) Keep up the great work!!

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