Monday, July 14, 2014

11 Weeks!

Our sweet pea is 11 weeks old!

We started Will's feeding schedule, with specific times to eat, a week ago. It has been going better than expected, and he's been sleeping 7-8 hours at night consistently! Waking him up during the day to keep the schedule has been so worth it. Last night we revised the schedule, so he has one less feeding. We did this because he was sleeping through his last feeding, and we increased his bottles to 6 oz.  He always wakes up/starts feeding around 7am, and now he will do his last feeding around 9pm. The first couple nights of  schedule change can be rough, but we'll get there.

 I'm trying to get him on the schedule now to prepare for the fall when I go back to work...although it will change again before I'm actually back full-time. He's getting better at eating, but it's really just not his thing. When there's a lot of stimulation (i.e. we're feeding in public or at the surprise party), it helps to go to a quiet room or put a blanket over his head. Thanks for the blanket tip, Emily! Will takes all naps in the crib unless we're out if the house--which is usually once or twice a day--and they have been so much better with this more "concrete" schedule. I feel like we're in a good groove right now, and we've been blessed with a wonderful baby. Yes, we still have plenty of hard times, but I'm very thankful for the growth Will continues to make each day. We'll see how long this sweet spot it lasts ;)

Will lifts his head high during tummy time and is enjoying it more...unless, of course, he's tired. He transitions easily to new people and is okay with constantly being passed around. He enjoys it when Grandma & Nana babysit him! If he's playing on the floor, he will follow Corey and I with his eyes as we walk around the room, and if he's left alone too long then he will shout out or begin to cry until we come near. No worries, we don't leave him unattended (like you were even worried!), but we may go into the kitchen while he plays in the living room a few feet away. 

Will can track bright toys side to side and up and down, but he LOVES faces. He enjoys mimicking smiles, laughs and coos (sometimes happy screams!). I adore these moments :) He watches Maggie too. He's starting to engage more with toys but very briefly. He may bat at them, but he'd prefer a face to look at and voice to listen to. Will enjoys music and it usually still helps calm him. He is still always moving/kicking his's non-stop, people! Will is a snuggler and gets sweeter each day.

Our little boy loves his kisses, and I sure do love giving them to him!

What a ham :)


Amanda V said...

He's too cute, Holly! Aren't those little gummy smiles just the best :)

Stacy Hoeksema said...

What a sweet little boy! :)

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