Monday, July 21, 2014

12 Weeks!

Mr. Handsome is 12 weeks old today!

Will has been spitting, drooling and trying to put his fist in his mouth more lately. He's staying awake longer after eating, so we can enjoy his company longer :) He went into the nursery at church yesterday, and he did great! He played and then fell asleep. We also went back to small group last night, and it wasn't too shabby! We're proud of our little fella.

Once I go back to work full-time in September, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do these weekly posts. No worries, though, I will at least have a picture on instagram (my username is hollyosbeck if you want to follow me), and I'll still be doing the monthly posts. In the meantime, here are more loads of pictures!

Thanks to our friend, Becky, who made him this beautiful quilt!

Thanks to my friend, Sara, who got us those cute baby leggings!

What a chunk

Nice Mags...

He's been holding onto his hair while he eats more too :)

I'm a little picture shame! ;)


Stacy Hoeksema said...

He is just so, so cute. Several pics I saw Corey and several I saw you! Fun to see him looking like his parents. :)

henning love said...

what a cutie your son is! i love that captain adorable onesie, so precious

Katie said...

So so sweet!!! He seems to be growing SO fast- I can't believe Caleb will be hitting those same milestones soon. It's been so fun to learn from all you're doing :)

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