Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kitchen Update Part 2

While saving up for the new kitchen floor, we were able to update the lighting and window treatments. We may actually attempt to rip up the flooring and lay the tile by ourselves with lots of guided help from family. Gulp. We will see if that actually happens or not...

Back to lights and drapes.



(Sorry for the poor picture quality)

I searched high and low for the perfect clear glass pendant light. They were either too expensive, too modern, etc. I stumbled on this one from Pottery Barn and it was just right. My brother, Kevin, showed me how to install it, so we don't have to keep bugging him to change any more lights for us!

We didn't have a box cutter so...
don't judge.

It's actually quite easy to install a light!

I loved these curtains from World Market because of the colors (all of which are in our kitchen and/or living room) and cheery print. However, they ran out of the size we needed and would not ship them from Arlington, VA--the only place they were located. Instead I had the option of picking them up...righttttt. Initially, I was annoyed...thumbs down for World Market. But after more searching without any luck, I decided to re-purchase the 96" curtains because I couldn't find a comparable print for the price.

Then I hot glued extra fabric (under $5 from Hobby Lobby!) onto the bottoms. I attempted to use hem tape, but it wouldn't stay with my iron. Here is a tutorial for it though. The hot glue worked just fine, and you can't see it in the light because of the layers of fabric. This project only took an hour.

My sister-in-law, Tara, had a cool idea of sewing velcro to the bottom of the curtain & then creating multiple panels (i.e. brown, yellow, blue, etc.), so you can switch them out. I loved the idea, but I liked the way the brown looked best. Green reminded me of Christmas and the yellow reminded me of mustard and ketchup ;) It would be a fun idea with white curtains! Now where to put them?

I started to hang these curtains by myself...put 2 holes in the wall, but then I had to call my Dad for help. Someday I'll do it by myself!

My MIL told me to fold in the ends & then iron them rather than using hem tape or glue there. It worked great!

Hem tape fail

Can't see the hot glue

The brown panels pull out the brown in the pattern when you look in person

We decided to keep the blinds because the kitchen gets so much sun. It's nice to have the option of sun-blocking in the summer, as well as keeping the blinds raised in the winter.

And tiny updates in the living room...

Small changes that add much. The second phase is complete, and we'll focus on little updates until we're ready to tackle the third (flooring) phase!

Mags is thrilled about all these home decor changes

Cutie pie

This went on the entire time we changed the light :)


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