Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Out and About

This week is a busy one! Last night I went out for coffee (chai latte for me) with a dear friend from small group. Corey and I are taking a hiatus from group until July 20, so because of that and a few other reasons I haven't been able to catch up with her. It was so wonderful to be able to listen and have adult conversation with such a strong woman. 

Today I was supposed to go fishing with my Dad, but the storms prevented that...boo! So instead we went out to breakfast. I have been wanting to write him a tribute, so I was finally able to give that to him today. I didn't want to cry, so I let him read it on his own time after I went home. Later I went out to lunch at one of my fav spots, Electric Cheetah, and then Corey took me out for ice cream tonight. He's currently consoling Will :)

Tomorrow I'm running a million errands, having dinner with a dear friend for her birthday, and extended family is coming into town. I'm also going to pick up the kitchen light and curtains this week! I hope to hang them soon. And then we're finally going to tackle painting our deck this weekend or possibly beginning of next week. We have all the supplies, but we needed a break after the cabinets. Did I already say this? So often I think things and truly cannot remember if I said them already. And no, it's not postpartum brain...I've had this problem for years. Oy vey. 

But here are our latest pictures!

Unfortunately this scene happens all too often...Will opens wide for Maggie's kisses (Make it stop!)

Mags always needing in on the action

She still doesn't understand that he cannot throw her rope yet

He's so handsome :)

We love downtown Rockford


Leah Bradley said...

I love that Maggie tries to get Will to throw / play with her rope. So funny.

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