Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

So we decided Will was ready for a more consistent feeding-waking-sleeping schedule rather than just routine. There are certain times of the day he eats at now instead of going every 3.5 to 4 hours or when he wakes up on his own. I wrote the times down based on the Baby Wise example, and we're sticking to it. Obviously if he's starving we'll feed him, but he usually is just fine--or even not as hungry because we're feeding him more often. What we've already noticed, though, is that he's sleeping longer at night! Last night was the best. He ate at 10:30pm and not again until I woke him up (yes, I wake my baby up now) at 7am! It was so lovely. I know Will is going to have set-backs and off days--Lord knows I have my share--but we're excited about this improvement. 

I finally got a video of him waking up's really dark and there are just a few smiles, but his faces are hilarious to this biased momma. Most of the time Will can't help but smile back when you give him a melts me every time (and cracks Corey up!). Please ignore Maggie's shaking noises and my high pitched voice...

Side note: we love these swaddles sacks! It allows Will to wiggle like crazy (sometimes I can barely get his diaper on he moves so much), and he doesn't get out of them easily. Other random fact: I'm losing hair like it's going out of style, and if you know me, I hate hair. Ew. 

Anyway, some babies start schedules way early and some way later, but our family was ready to start when Will was two months. He also has improved at naps in his crib, and we put him down there for every nap now...unless we're out and about or I need a teeny bit extra of snuggle time :)

Believe it or not, I kind of like that I cannot plan everything as a can be freeing and less pressure to do things "right". We have goals and things to try, but really we take it day by day and are constantly readjusting and learning. One thing I've been reflecting on is comparison. A co-worker told me shortly after he was born, "never compare boys to girls. The girls always do things faster." That was kind advice, but I should not be comparing Will with anyone. Will has different strengths and different areas of improvement than others...and so do I! It's not fair or healthy to compare, yet it always seems to be something I'm working on. I'm thankful the Lord did not create Will exactly like any other baby though. We've been so incredibly blessed to have him. And we've been blessed to have family nearby who will watch Will for us multiple times a week while we go on a quick date, workout or let us paint out whole fippin' kitchen. It really does take a village! 

Speaking of villages...I was getting groceries at Aldi while I had Will in the carrier earlier this week. I was getting close to the checkout, my gallon of milk was falling on the floor, I couldn't load items fast enough, and clearly looked like a hot mess (this was after running, literally running, through Meijer holding the pacifier in as I received sympathy looks). All of a sudden an older Asian Indian woman helped me put my items on the conveyor belt and then patiently waited at her spot in line to check out her four items. After I checked out, she helped me put all my items into my bags, returned 30 cents she found on the floor to the cashier, and pushed my cart to my car. It didn't stop there, folks. Then she proceeded to load my items into my car, return my cart, and gave me my 25 cents back. She wouldn't let me do any of it by myself! Although my groceries were not put into my car the way I normally do, Will was actually calm at Aldi, and I wanted to pretend like I could do it myself, I was really overwhelmed with gratitude by her urgency to help me. I almost asked her if I could hug her, and I seriously wanted to cry. It was such a kind gesture. I prayed the Lord would bless her so so much. It's people like her who make our world a beautiful place to live in.

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." --Dalai Lama


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