Sunday, July 13, 2014


Now that I'm past way my 6 week postpartum craziness (yes, I know I'm still slightly crazy), I feel like I can get back into some habits that refresh my soul. Disciplines that renew me.

Running: I've been continuing to run. I did my first 3 miles on Saturday, and I was surprised by my time. It wasn't super speedy or where I was last year (duh), but I think the Lord knew I needed a little encouragement in this area. I also saw a dear friend running the opposite way on the trail, and it helped pushed me through. I want to continue running and lifting to be healthy. It just feels so. good.

Eating Healthy: this one is SO hard for me. I love sweets. Like really really love them. I've been using myfitnesspal, but not super consistently. We've also been trying to grocery shop more often, so we're not stuck eating random things when all our good food is gone. We've attempted more smoothies (I really don't like the texture of yogurt), and I've cooked a few healthier recipes, substitute beef for turkey or chicken, buy more nutritious things, etc. I think one of the hardest parts is that I do not enjoy cooking. It's just not something I take pleasure in. But Corey has done awesome in this area..he's lost 11 pounds in 10 weeks! I'm so proud of him, and I'm glad to have his encouragement. If anyone wants to keep me more accountable, though, please do ;)

Reading the Bible: Honestly, this has been spotty for awhile. I felt so renewed when I read through the Bible last year that I want to do it again. I need something planned out each day to help me stay on track, so I started a new plan on my birthday last week. Already I'm thankful for the attitude shifts and encouragement I've received when reading the Word.

Prayer: This has actually improved since having a baby! I was surprised by this. In all those middle of the night or early feedings I had tons of time to pray. It also made me feel less isolated/more connected to others when I prayed for them. I'm hoping to continue the habit now that I don't have those "red eye" opportunities anymore.

Date Nights: Corey and I need to improve in this area :) We've gone out bi-weekly, but not usually for long. We hang out together while Will naps or take him lots of places with us, but I would like to be more intentional with having a consistent date night that's a little longer. What has worked for you? Suggestions are welcomed!

Each day we get more accustomed to our new normal, and we are truly loving it. The items above, though, are practices I need no matter what phase of life we're in. They renew my heart and mind. They help me remember that life is so much more than being about me.

So here I go about forming habits once day at a time!


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