Saturday, July 12, 2014

Surprise Party!

Corey's mom turns 50 in a few weeks, and we had the pleasure of throwing her a surprise party! We rented the Rockford Community Cabin and had a "Fabulous and Fifty" theme with red, white and gold accents. We catered Qdoba, had a live band, and Nana (Jill's mom) even came into town from PA as a surprise! She stayed with us a few days while Jill had no idea.

Jill thought she was cleaning up a dinner for Tim's co-worker's retirement party, so she was in complete shock when we yelled, "Surprise!" and sang "Happy Birthday". Her reaction when she saw her mom was so so fabulous :) I'm excited that Jenny took many photos of it, and we have video footage of it all too!

What was amazing is that she had. no. idea. It was actually quite remarkable that all of us could keep it a secret for so long. Especially because Jill was making it very tricky by wanting to have me Will included in some of their Thursday/Friday plans while Nana arrived and we needed to decorate. But it turned out to be a huge success and such a fun celebration!

The banner matched the invitation

Bad quality from my phone...but she seemed afraid to come in!

The band was Now & Then. They've been singing together for years, but just started booking. They were awesome, and we'd highly recommend them! Let me know if you'd like their contact info.

Co-planners. I just love her :)

What a ham :) Will did awesome all night!

Thursday night when Nana & Rudy arrived

Jill, we hope you feel very loved...because you are! Happy 50th birthday!


Leah Bradley said...

Wow! That party looked AWESOME! Way to Go, Holly & Jenny.

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