Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

My friend, Emily, came over so we could make tissue poms for her wedding, and the process was so simple and cute that I'm copying her!

Here are the ones for Will's nursery

These are for my offices at each school

These were also a quick project...I just need to add velcro for the arrow

Here's the skinny on the tissue pom-pom process:

1. Take 10 sheets of tissue paper and fold them like a fan. About 1.5 inches per each fold

2. Tie pipe cleaner around middle--not too tight

3. Cut either a rounded or pointed edge

4. Fan out both ends and pull apart each piece of tissue paper

5. Use fishing line & 3M hooks to hang from the ceiling. Other people use tacks to hang.

For the Martha Stewart original tutorial, click here. I also saw another tutorial to make something similar except you hot glue folded fabric onto a paper lantern. It can be found here. Or you can buy an expensive version of it here. It looked super cute, but it was more work than I wanted to do right now.

The tissue paper was such an easy and fun project. These are the kind of crafts I'm going to have to stick with once Will is older and work starts again!


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