Friday, August 29, 2014

4 months!

Will turned 4 months old yesterday!

I waited to do this post until after his doctor appointment. He weighs 15lbs 13.5oz (58% percentile) and is 24.5 inches long (20% percentile). Short and stocky! Are we surprised? ;) We are going to start introducing solids which we're excited about.

He loves to squeal, giggle, and smile of course. He loves his exersaucer, and he's getting more and more into the toys on it. Mostly he loves jumping, kicking and waving his hands about though. He is rocking side to side but has no interest in rolling over...he'd rather be moving forward. He also can turn around in a circle while on his belly. Our little babe is very active!

Will enjoys watching Maggie act her crazy self. He also enjoys songs, drooling, sucking on anything you put near his mouth, and looking in the mirror. He is very inquisitive, and he still easily goes to anyone. Will has found his thumb, but he doesn't know what to do with the rest of his fingers when he sucks on they usually cover his nose. Hopefully he doesn't suck his thumb till second grade like his mom did...eek!

We are still so smitten with him, and we are beyond thankful that God has gifted us with him!


We love you, Will!

Monday, August 25, 2014

17 Weeks!

We're up to 17 weeks!

Will can turn in a circle while on his belly. He giggles often--especially when we kiss him like crazy. I have an adorable video of Corey kissing him while he laughs away :) We've finally had a few days in a row where Will has not woke up at 5am for the paci (yay!). I'm eager to get his exact weight and height at his 4 month checkup later this week. My little babe is growing so fast!

What a chunk...I love it :)

Crushing grapes...and other things

First time in his exersaucer today!

He loves grabbing toys. Apparently Daddy's face is one of them!

Going for a Saturday morning run

We love you Will Courtney!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Basement Update

The basement has been our lowest priority, but we've recently made some progress before the business of fall (my FAVORITE season) begins...

We changed the light fixture (there were florescent lights), and we painted the walls blue (it was stark white) when we first moved in almost 2.5 years ago. However the brightness of the blue was unexpected and very overwhelming to me. Originally it was supposed to be a University of Michigan man cave of sorts, but now it will become the UofM toy room. Why? Why not?!


7570 is our address number (everyone always asks)

full bath (left), spare bedroom (straight), storage room (right)

The tinfoil in the plant is so Luna doesn't dig in it...

Pub table at the landing/bottom of the stairs

For some reason the former owner put french doors into the storage room...

The 2 frames on either side of the post cards are photos of Corey's family from a few generations ago

I have tons of old postcards that were sent to my Great Grandparents. I picked for favorites and enlarged them. (Fun fact: I'm a sucker for old books and post cards).

New curtains, photo display with clipboards and blanket

I like that it's easy to change out pictures

Close ups...

Engagement & honeymoon pictures...aww

All those words are the county version of a map

Yellow coffee table with chalkboard top

Corey's love above the TV

 Toy storage from IKEA & #1-4 bins from Land of Nod
How long do you think it will take for Will to destroy this pretty display when he plays?
I bet 10 I'll enjoy it in it's pretty state for now :)

Rocker from Corey's papa and a homemade whale pillow from my super SIL

Homemade ruler growth chart. Tutorial found here

This fall Corey's mom has graciously offered to paint our chair rail, so it will be white half way down the wall. Then we'll add molding to separate the white and blue, as well as finish it in some spots on the floor. (Where did the former owner put it?!) We'll also replace that red couch with a black one. Anyone have a cheap/nothing fancy one they want to sell? ;)

Here is a little update in the bathroom too...


I'm curious to see what organizational things I'll need to change once Will actually plays down here :)

Have you had to "tone down" any rooms?