Monday, August 4, 2014

14 Weeks!

So I know I'm completely biased, but Will seriously gets cuter and cuter each day ;)

This little man is 14 weeks old today!

Now he is constantly kicking his legs while on his back and on his tummy. He'll inch forward, but he obviously doesn't have the coordination or strength to really move yet. He's drooling more hence the bib, and he always has his hands in his mouth. He giggles and smiles up a storm when I roll my "r". He also recognizes cues. For instance, he will sleep through Maggie barking (thankfully), but as soon as I turn off the fan in his room then he will wake up from his nap.

Will has a reddish tint in his hair that you can see when he's in the sun. He's losing it on the left side since he holds it while he eats, and then it all comes out! He clasps his hands and brings them to his face when he's really excited/happy. Sometimes I'll be holding him and look down only to find him staring and smiling up at me with that paci half in his mouth. He melts my heart :) I've also noticed his cries are less newborn like and more often older baby. He's growing so fast!

Sitting up like a big boy! He is constantly wanting to sit upright now

You can't see because of his double chin, but he's sporting a baby v-neck. It's my fav :)

I know he's not looking, but I thought it was a great picture of my mom :)

 Corey is such an awesome Dad :)

We tried sleeping without the swaddle. His legs crack me up!

Playing Clue (my fav) and monopoly with cousins!

We love you Will Courtney!

ps I realized I make the same ridiculous faces as Will does when I wake up...ha!


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