Monday, August 11, 2014

15 Weeks!

Will is 15 weeks, folks!

We started his new schedule where he has one less feeding each day, and his last feeding at 9:30pm instead of 10:30pm. It's been going well! The little champ sleeps till 7am on most days.

I think Will is pre-teething (apparently it's a real thing) due to the constant fist in mouth, chewing, drool, etc. This hasn't stopped him from being an entertainer though. He's chatting up a storm still. He's probably "talking" more because he's sick of me making up songs about anything and everything and needs to tune me out. And the kicking? Sometimes I think his legs are going to fall off since he kicks at an incredible rate. 

("It feels like you're running at an incredible rate!" What movie?). 

Anyway, sometimes when he's standing up, he's constantly "stomping" and moving his legs forward. I have a feeling we're going to be in for it when he actually starts crawling and walking :)

Will's hair has been doing some interesting things lately. He still pulls it out by accident when he hold it as he eats. It also comes out easily as he moves his head back and forth, back and forth in his crib. So now he has less on one side and on top. Check out this fab photo...he looks interesting. Ha! We still adore him of course ;)

Spending time at Papa's work (Meijer)! He's been with Nana/Papa a lot this week which we all love :)

I love it when he smiles in his sleep :)

Monkey is his fav toy still. Just chatting away

Mag is the everlasting foot rest

This looks...bad.

This is the story of our lives. Today Mags also decided to lick my heels and the exhaust on my car. She is so weird. I bet you can only imagine what she eats & then poops out...


I squeeze and kiss this little guy all day long. I love you, sweet pea!


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