Monday, August 18, 2014

16 Weeks!

16 weeks now!

Will now has a new nickname:  Thumper. He is constantly stomping his right foot (if not both) when held in the standing position. Maybe he'll be in a jamboree. He's also letting us know when he's ticked by arching his back and screaming. Sometimes it's actually funny...except when I'm tired too. Then it's not so much, and I have to bring out my social worker calm ;) An example is when I lie him on the changing pad for a diaper change. This is where I swaddle him/get him ready for his nap, so he'll let me know he's annoyed until I show him the diaper. Then he calms down and chats away. I love my little stinker.

We have been trying to keep his arms out of some swaddles or leave him out completely to get him used to it. We'll see how long it lasts. We're working on rolling over again, but my strong little babe is reminding me that he'll do it when he wants to :) Will also loves looking at himself in the mirror. When he locks eyes with me or himself he starts smiling in his usual adorable way. He's a trip!

I know these pictures seem so similar to each other, but I love his different expressions. And it's my blog, so I post what I want (I'm sassy today :P)

Batting and pulling at toys

Look at that reddish hair!

Apparently Mags was tired after sleeping all night 

I had to move her face since she laid it right in front of him


What?! Lotion?!

Will busy investigating/observing as always, and Mags giving me her rope. (You'd think this post was about her! See, I secretly adore her :))

Grieving and soaking up these last few days with Will before work starts again


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