Saturday, August 2, 2014

40th Anniversary Party

My Uncle Don and Aunt Sue celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend! Uncle Don is incredibly funny, and as Corey commented, "Aunt Sue is always smiling." They are such a dear couple, and we had a relaxing time celebrating on the Riverboat last night.

The only bummer is my camera battery died at the beginning of the "cruise", and I forgot to take a picture of the two lovebirds! So I stole this first picture from their awesome party planners...their kids ;)

Don't worry, he can breathe

It ended up being a late night for Will. He only slept 30ish min, and he was up for the remaining 3 hours. But as usual, he was a content baby taking it all in :)

 Apparently his head was cold? lol
He had lots of smiles for Grandpa that night!

Playing hangman with my parents. A classic.

The cutie-pie before leaving...a miniature version of Corey :)

Happy 40th anniversary to the sweet couple!


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