Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School

The time has come.

My super long maternity leave, which I was so blessed with, has come to an end. I officially return to work next week--although it really has started this week--and then full-time after Labor Day.

Although I have so many emotions and thoughts right now, I'm not ready to spill them all out on the blog. I'm grieving leaving my baby boy, but he definitely is in great hands--we are blessed that both his Grandma and Nana will watch him.

Whether you stay at home or go to work life can be challenging. But there are rewards to transitions, and I know we will be just fine. Heck, if I can survive the pain after birth I feel like anything is possible ;)

To my three readers (ha!): I may not be posting as much unless it's after Will's bedtime. I'll want to soak up the time I have with him when I come home from work. I'm hoping to get his Monday/weekly posts and a few others (that basement post!) in still, but really, we'll take it one day at a time.


Katie said...

Thinking of you this week! And praying the transition back to work is smooth for both of you :)

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