Saturday, August 9, 2014

Date Night

Each week seems to get busier and busier before school starts!

Yesterday Will spent the night at his Nana and Papa's house, so Corey and I had a date night. It was very different leaving him this time...that is, I wasn't worried and it was easy to hop back in the car ;) Obviously we missed the little babe, but it was also quite lovely not having to do the next step for his schedule and literally getting to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. I wouldn't change our new life for anything, but I was very thankful for this night with Corey. We went out to eat, watched James Bond and had a grand ole time. And Will did awesome overnight at Corey's parents house as expected. We've been blessed with such a happy, easy-going baby.

This morning Corey and I ran the track at one of our local middle schools. He's in the process of applying for a Criminal Investigation (CI) job with the IRS and a FBI job. He's at the point in with the FBI job where he needs to pass a physical test. Brag moment: my husband is super strong and fit...butttt running isn't his favorite thing, so he's been working really hard at getting his sprints and long distance runs at a quicker pace. Although this morning was not an easy one, I was grateful to have the opportunity to encourage and practice with him. It will be exciting to see what our future holds--although there are multiple steps to both job prospects.

Later this afternoon we went to Carson's birthday party! Our youngest nephew turned three. He's such a ham. I didn't take pictures of the date night OR the birthday celebration. I know, party foul. But this evening was spent updating our basement, so I'll have pictures for that soon (or follow on instagram). It's going to be a University of Michigan themed toy Corey gets his UofM room in a not-so-man-cave way. Once I go to IKEA next week then I'll post the update. I'm excited about how it's coming together.

This week I'll continue to plan for school and move into my offices. I'm changing schools, so I'm excited for a new start to the year. Tomorrow we get Will's 3 month photos from Jenny. Whoop! Whoop! I'm also taking my mom to surgery (she has her 31st kidney stone..yikes!), volunteering with our small group, going to the zoo with Will for the first time with friends, and getting pumped for my first 5k since having Will. So if I don't post much again this week that's why ;) 

Over and out!


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