Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Redefined Body

Having Will changed everything about me. My emotions, thought-processes body. I mean, duh, I grew a human for almost 10 months and then he came out of me.

If I don't seem completely satisfied with where I'm at it's not because I don't accept or cherish my body. In fact, I really do.  Will is 100% worth the changes my body endured. He made me realize what my body was capable of, and it is truly amazing. Growing a little being and birthing him is incredible.

However, God has created me to be goal-oriented; someone who desires positive change. Will is a constant reminder for me to love myself while at the same time remaining motivated to better myself--as a means to bring glory to God, continue learning, and set an example for my son.

The, "Oh you look so good! You should be happy." comments are nice at first. I am comfortable in my skin and amazed at what my body can do.  I mean, there are days or moments when I have to work extra hard to celebrate my body, to eat right and exercise, to not compare myself now with my pre-pregnant self I had worked hard for. But I am also satisfied with the fact that there's something in me that wants to keep reaching; to meet a greater potential.

Right now my goal isn't to be in the shape I was before becoming pregnant. (Don't get me wrong, that would be cool overtime). Right now my goal is to keep on embracing the journey of evolving into a healthier version of me. A healthier version of serving, loving, running and forgiving. The encouragement I'll need is, "I can see that you're working really hard." or "Look how the Lord continues to grow you." or "Look how far you've come."

And then I'll remember...

He is so good to me
Slow and steady obedience is important
Practice makes progress
I am so thankful for my body...tiger stripes and all :)

This is where I'm at, folks. Some may have very similar or vastly different thoughts and experiences. And that's what makes us all beautiful.

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Leah Bradley said...

I think it's pretty amazing that you're running a marathon. Baby momma or not... that's impressive! Go Girl!

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