Monday, August 18, 2014

Ruler Growth Chart

I've finished my last summer project: a Pottery Barn knock-off ruler growth chart

My neighbor, Kelly, has one hanging in her playroom, and it was so cute I thought I'd copy her! Being such a kind friend, she also gave me her supplies. Say what?! So all I purchased was the pre-cut 1x8x6 plywood board at Lowe's for $5 and paint marker from Michael's. Other people use nicer wood, but the plywood is just as sturdy since it's the same size, and it looks similar once stained. To get started, I followed this tutorial.

Step 1: Stain
It took all of 15 minutes to stain the board. I did it inside with the windows open even though outside is probably better for ventilation. I used an old rag to spread the stain on the board.

Step 2: Notches
Using a pencil, I made a small line where the tick marks would go--an inch apart along the length of the board.

I made all the eighth markers one inch long, and the quarter/half/foot marks 2 inches long. For me it was easier to extend the 1 foot marks, then the quarter marks, and then finish with the one inch marks.
A day later I used an oil-based marker over the pencil marks. I used a ruler to make sure the black lines were straight

Step 3: Numbers
My friend had numbers already typed out, so I used those, but the tutorial used Century at 200 point font. Instead of following the tutorial (listed above) by shading the entire back of the number, I taped the numbers on traced the outline with a pencil. It transferred easily to the wood and was quicker. I used the same oil-based paint marker to fill in the numbers.

Oh hi Maggie

My numbers are also in a different spot than the tutorial because I wanted them on the outside of the foot marks rather than inside/below the tick mark. If you compare pictures you'll see. It doesn't really matter where they go as long as they are near.

Step 4: Gloss Coat
I used a spray gloss I already had for the top coat, and it was super quick. My neighbor used a polyurethane which works just as well.

Step 5: Hanging
I used a sawtooth picture hanger to hang the ruler. Since the board starts at the half foot mark, we hung it 6 inches off the floor (so it's a 6.5 foot long ruler). However, the picture below was before we hung it in our basement.

And there you have it! It was a really simple, quick project. Since I borrowed or already had the supplies, it was really inexpensive (only $8 for me). But even if you have to buy all the materials, it's nothing compared to the $150 Pottery Barn price!

Last week I also spray painted our basement coffee table yellow & then painted the top with chalkboard paint. Not really because I love chalkboard, or that would be fun for Will when he's older, but because I didn't like how the spray paint looked. Ha! Anyway, you'll see it soon in that basement update post I talked about a little bit ago...after I go to IKEA on Friday (woo hoo!)

We did a lot this summer--especially the past two months. Now it's time to slow down the crafting/decorating department, so I can enjoy my time with Will when I get home from work!


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