Monday, September 8, 2014

19 Weeks!

Can you believe it?! Me either. Our chunker is 19 weeks old today!

Yesterday Will rolled over all on his own! I was so proud, and he was like, "Huh. Neat." It's so much effort for him to move his thick self over, but he's totally capable.

He is always watching us eat, so we had him try a tiny bit of guacamole last week, and he liked it. We also started him on peas this weekend. He wasn't sure about them, but he ate them anyway.

Last night Will wouldn't eat his bottle and then he had a major spit up. All over Corey. This happens often to both of us (and with poop), so it was no surprise...except to realize he spit up so much it even soaked through Corey's underwear! I could not. stop. laughing. I know I'm in for the next one...

Will is quite the social butterfly. Flirting and chatting with anyone (women, men, dogs) he meets. He adores Sophie and always has her or his "shake weight" in his mouth.

Not swaddling for naps has been going well! In fact, Will stopped arching his back when he was ticked, and I think it's because he was done with being swaddled (although he still likes it at night). We chickened out with no-swaddling-nighttime since we were exhausted and wanted rest. The doctor said we could swaddle the arms as long as we wanted, we'll maintain where we're at. I figure if he isn't out of it by Thanksgiving break, then that would be a good time to try (when I can afford to not get as much sleep!).

On that note, each day of work got easier this past week. It's still so very hard to be away, but I know it will get better over time. I'm thankful for the focused time I get to spend with him in the evenings and weekends for sure. I cannot imagine life without him!

I love how Mags always sits close :)

Gee do I love you, Will :)


Stacy Hoeksema said...

Ahhh! That little guy is so so sweet. Can't wait to see him soon! It has been too long!

Katie said...

So big! I love that he's 7 weeks ahead of Caleb and I can sort of get a peek into what's to come :) And hooray for the days getting easier! You are such a rockstar!

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