Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 months (22 weeks)!

Our sweet William is 5 months (22 weeks) old!

He is seriously the joy of our lives. I know, I know...who doesn't say that?! But it's just so true. All those cliches are the real deal.

Will is 25 inches long (yay ruler growth chart!) and probably weighs a lot (we don't have a scale).

He is sleeping 10-12 hours at night now. Holy awesome sauce, batman! He has his 5am wake ups here and there, but nothing too wild as of late.

He's eating more "solids" and enjoys sweet potatoes and applesauce the best. (Who doesn't love applesauce?). He also stares at us when we eat in front of he's starving or something. Have you seen his rolls?

Will is such a happy baby. He blows me away. I love seeing him light up when he sees me or Daddy. And his laugh? Well it makes my heart melt every time. When he does cry, he rocks the pouty lip big time.

He's still obsessed with Mags, and she is still obsessed with licking him. He doesn't really notice Luna--even when we put him 2 inches from her face. I think she prefers it that way.

Rolling isn't Will's fav thing, but turning in circles and trying to get up on his knees sure is. He even did an army crawl yesterday! This babe is on the move, folks...and we're in for it. (I'm pretty sure I say that in every post ;))

He grabs anything and everything, and it all goes to his mouth still. He's a big drooler (and likes to spit now too), but no teeth yet!

Will is still so observant, and doesn't want to miss a thing. He's only been taking 3 half hour-ish naps a day for the past few weeks. But if he's sleeping at night then I don't even care what he does to his nap schedule ;)

So that's our big little sweet pea in a nutshell.

Cheers to this 153 day old adventure! 


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oh my word. The last picture.

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