Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hot Air Balloons

Yesterday Will and I joined my family at the Grand Rapids Balloon Festival. Confession: I was way more excited than a gal should be. I seriously love hot air balloons! They remind me of my summers as a kid, as well as my Grandma sharing about flying in one for her 60th birthday. Not to mention they are just so pretty to see in the sky.

It ended up being too windy for them to fly, but they were still neat to see blown up and at night. I'm only slightly obsessed...but no shame because we had a blast! We got their later at night, so we didn't have to wait forever thankfully. Will actually loved looking at the balloons too--but mostly people watching.

Enjoy my millions of pictures (I wasn't the only ridiculous one taking tons ;))

People fit in these things! They also make larger baskets depending on the amount of riders. I think you can have up to 16 in some. 

I love this one

With their toys...

These kids swarmed Tara in order to pet Cooper

Happy 29th wedding anniversary, mom & dad!
Aren't they cute? :)

That's how small the balloons start

And from my phone...

Trying to get the goober to sleep. Don't worry, he can breathe

I would love to ride in one some day.

ps In case you're wondering where Corey was...the Michigan football game on (But let's not talk about that ;))


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