Monday, October 20, 2014

25 Weeks!

Our babe is 25 weeks!

His Nana and Grandma both have variations of the johnny jump-up (except they don't hang in doorways), and he. loves. them....times a million! I think Will would bounce all day long if we let him. Of course we need time to snuggle too ;)

No major changes or updates for our little guy. Just chatting, bouncing and eating. What a fun life, huh? :) He did have his first constipation scare this week, but thank goodness for prune juice. Did you know bananas block some babies up? Who knew!

I was observing a student at recess today, and I couldn't help but wonder what Will is going to be like as he gets older. He's already growing so fast that I want to savor each moment. I truly love this stage, and it is a privilege to be able to see him grow. I love him to pieces!

This is how we go to the gym as a family...

So thankful for this boy's sweetness!


Leah Bradley said...

love that last picture. <3

Katie said...

Holly he is seriously adorable!!!

I've been meaning to ask you- how did you guys start solids? We started with rice cereal this week, but love hearing how long it took for others to introduce new foods!

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