Monday, October 27, 2014

26 Weeks!

26 weeks!

Tomorrow I will do his 6 month post that's more an overview of how the past half year has been for our family overall :)

We finally switched Will to be forward facing in his stroller rather than in the car seat. Not sure what took so long, but he loves it!

He also had the biggest blowout yet this past week. I know that's gross, but really, it's just our life now :P It was bad though...all over the three of us! (Yes, all. three. of. us.)

Will eats baby food like a champ. He wasn't so sure about puffs, but he kept eating them regardless. Of course Mags was his personal vacuum.

Will likes to sit up and look at himself in the mirror. We still need to be close because he does lean and eventually topple. He can go from his back to his side, but he can't roll to his tummy yet. When he's on his back, he is constantly lifting his head and legs up as if he's doing a crunch. He's going to have abs of steel ;)

He keeps the paci in really well know. But he also likes to pull his paci out when trying to get to sleep, so sleeping with his Taggie blanket to hold on to is a must. We tried not swaddling him, but he woke up at 4:15am, so we're going to keep his arms in the swaddle sack to transition. A friend kept just her baby's arms swaddled till 8 months, so I'm glad we're okay :P

A few other things to note...

Will is oh so ticklish on his feet, neck and back
He grunts when he can't reach toys...he usually goes back instead of forward
He has done an army crawl again, but not consistently
Bananas constipate him (not fun!)
He lights up when he sees his Daddy :)

I finally got more pictures of Will in the jumper thing Corey's parents got (my parents have a different one he loves). He is such a hoot!

At the end of the walk :)

The blowout that made its way up his back. I couldn't resist a picture, haha! Corey's face is priceless...

He was screaming with excitement! He had some great facial expressions, but those pictures were blurry

Big boy!

I love eating books too...he loves the crunchy sounds


Trying to eat my big deal

Trying to grab everything, including the phone/camera

Watching his cousins play soccer!


Trying to feed himself sweet potatoes

I posted a video on FB of Will laughing as I cleaned him up from his sweet potato mess. This boy seriously fills my heart :)


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