Tuesday, October 28, 2014

6 Months!

Where has the time gone?! Our baby is already 6 months old!

Will's Aunt Jenny took his 6 month photos this past Friday, so we'll post those when they arrive. His 6 month well-child visit is next week, so we'll have official stats after that!

So how have the past 6 months been? Humbling, exciting, heart-warming, overwhelming, challenging, wonderful, and satisfying.

Life is not easy, and I'm finding less and less time to write since being back at work. I'm thankful to be able to capture weekly updates of Will though. It seems like so much happens one week and then we're just doing the spiritual discipline of the mundane routines in another. I find myself re-reading this post because it's so true now as it was when he was a month old...just in a different way.

Sometimes I wonder, "What did I do to deserve Will?" and then remember that I did absolutely nothing. And really, he's not mine. Will is a gift. A precious gift that grows and strengthens me, as well as gives me pure joy and gratitude.

The majority of my life I've battled comparison...comparing worth, grades, body. The Lord has guided me through each stage, and as soon as Will was born it started all over again. As much as I don't want to face this challenge, I love how the Lord wants to keep deepening my reliance upon Him. Honestly, it is very hard not to compare Will with other children.,,,or rather, our parenting with others. But comparison is truly the thief of joy, and I am continually reminded that Will is beautiful and just right the way the Lord has made him. And Corey and I are not perfect but learning and thriving. Sometimes it's easy to forget the obvious even when it's staring (and smiling and laughing) right in front of my face :) I'm honored to have a job where I help Will continue growing into that beautiful person the Lord created him to be.

Seeing Corey as a Dad is such a privilege as well. He is such a natural, and always willing to help, play and be with Will. Having a baby has actually brought us closer together which I know is not always the case with couples. Don't get me wrong, we still have to work hard at our marriage ;) But our little one has made it even sweeter.

I have many friends who have had and are still having difficulty becoming pregnant. I want to acknowledge that although I am thankful for Will and love him dearly, it does not mean that I don't hurt for you. In fact, having him makes me ache even more for you. However, I am confident that the Lord is faithful to our prayers, and He will protect, pursue and provide for your heart. In fact, He already has for a few dear friends!

So the past six months of parenthood have been everything I imagined and nothing I imagined if that makes any sense. There are a few truths I hang on to...

The Lord's power is made perfect in my weakness
We are so blessed by our happy baby boy
God is so good to gift us with Will
I want to soak in every moment because it goes so fast
Nothing is sweeter than seeing Will recognize me and smile or laugh

Here's to the next six months in our journey!


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