Monday, November 3, 2014

27 Weeks!

Our chubby baby is 27 weeks!

Will was an amazing traveler this past week for which we are incredibly thankful for. Besides one blowout on the way home (which actually turned out fine because then he actually was able to wear his Halloween costume ;)), he did great! He slept or chatted for the 8+ car rides both ways. Sleeping in the hotel was not as stellar, but it got better each day.

Will is sitting up consistently now! We still stay close, but he's doing really well. He is also starting to go on his hands and knees! He stays in that position for a second, but it's still further than he was last week, and it's the first step to crawling. He's such a busy boy now that I cannot even imagine what it will be like when he can move himself around. I'm assuming I'll get more exercise in ;)

He's laughing even more these days. A few days ago he was seriously BELLY laughing and screaming every time I turned around to look at him. I didn't realize my face was so funny looking! :P It seriously brings my heart so much joy that he recognizes and love his momma.

Will also did pretty well with daylight savings time. We gave him his last bottle later than usual, so he only woke up a half hour early the morning of. After this past week, I was exceptionally thankful for some rest. He also went to sleep without having his arms swaddled last night, and he did slept like he usually does.

Will tried apricots for the first time today and loved them. He tried scrambled eggs while we were in PA, but wasn't a huge fan. His face is priceless when he tries something he doesn't like. However, he get eating them (like mother like son!) Will is growing so fast--I am eager for his 6 month well-child appointment Wednesday, and I will share those (along with his 6 month pictures) later this week.

Still a happy camper after getting to the hotel at 2am!

Momma, stop taking pictures already...I'm tired

Morning snuggles are my fav

Making friends with hotel guests at breakfast

Scrambled eggs...

Clearly not a fan

Happy Halloween!

Will's first football game with PA family. His cousin Ashton scored the last touchdown in honor of his momma who just passed away. We were so proud of him! I'm looking forward to getting the family picture with everyone who was at the game.

On the way home...I really don't condone drinking and driving

And the last outfit after the blowout. He's a gameboy!

My little sweet pea

Will, you have my whole heart!


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