Monday, November 10, 2014

28 Weeks!

Will is 28 weeks old today!

We altered his schedule yet again to meet his growing self, so he only eats four times a day now! (7am, 11:30am, 4pm, 8:30pm). It's almost weird not to be feeding him all the time. But this is so much better since it allows us to have more regular baby/table food feedings in addition to his bottles. It's also moving us closer to having a more consistent morning and afternoon nap. With the time change he's still sleeping mostly well...just a few mornings of waking up way too early before his first feeding.

He's graduated to size 3 diapers which have helped with most of the recent blowouts. He still has prune juice in his first bottle every day to help with the constipation. 

Will is sitting up with no problem these days! Tonight he also got on his knees and began rocking! He did it for a few minutes, and then wouldn't do it again of course. This was the first time we actually saw him do forward motion. Usually he just gets on his knees and goes right back down or pushes himself backward when wanting to go forward.

He also can turn from his back to partially on his side. If I push him a bit he can roll and get his hands out from under him, but rolling still isn't his cup of tea. Let's be honest here, rolling isn't mine either. (Chocolate sure is). The point is, he's growing and moving like crazy! He impresses us every day.

Sucking on his lower lip is a new past time

hipster baby

New bath tub!

He loves to kick and play

Love you like crazy cakes, babe!


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