Monday, November 17, 2014

29 Weeks & Snow!

Will is growing fast at 29 weeks!

He is almost in 12 month clothes...I'm getting a few of his 6-9 to stretch a little further. (FYI for
Carter's Brand the largest number on the tag is the size. So when it says 6 months it really means 3-6 months, and when it says 9 it really means 6-9 month, etc. My SIL told me this before we had Will, thankfully!)

Will is turning on his sides all on his own. He's sitting like a champ, and he can go from sitting to on his tummy. When he topples over he usually isn't upset. Sometimes he also tries to get back in the sitting position...and then he gets cranky when he can't do it :)

Will has been rocking on his knees more! And he is SO ticklish all over. It will never ever get old hearing him laugh. He's also found his private parts and thinks it's hilarious to touch them (why are boys like this?!). Ohhhhh my sweet baby boy.

Still no teeth but chomping on anything and everything he can. I had a rough cold this week, and every time I coughed Will closed his eyes. There's no point to me writing that except that it was so weird/funny...that boy! He also thinks it's hilarious when I make a clicking sound with my tongue. I wish everyone found me that funny :P

Will is tried pears and green beans and liked them both. He is so observant and loves to go shopping, so he can people watch (and flirt of course). We still can't keep his socks on, but he's been wearing shoes more often since it's colder out. He is also obsessed with watching our record player spin. What a life!  

We went out in the snow for the first time today yesterday! When I put Will in his snowsuit he just laid there not moving (but smiling). Corey and I could not. stop. laughing! He liked it outside, but got bored fast. And he couldn't sit up right, so Corey made him a snow chair. I'm pretty sure Corey and I had more fun watching him than he did being outside, but we got some great pictures though!

We love our baby so incredibly much :)

Flannel buddies!

Snow chair!

Will has his first swim class on Saturday, and then he's getting dedicated at church on Sunday. Our computer died, so I'm hoping to get those posts done soon after they happen :)


Leah Bradley said...

so sweet. He's such a fun little guy!

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