Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Weeks!

Will is 30 weeks old! I cannot believe how time is flying...almost 7 months now!

Remember the snow pictures from last week? There was one Corey took and posted to reddit. It had almost 900,000 views in 24 hours! I thought it might mean we're famous or something. Apparently not :P

Will has decided he wants to roll a bit more now. He's also getting on all fours and rocking all the time! He desperately wants to move froward, and even will launch sometimes, but really he's just a pro at moving backwards. He showed his moves for his Great Nana who was in town when he spent the night at Nana/Papa's a few days ago. He also loves looking in the mirror still. Such a ham. (I bet most babies love doing that, but it seems extra cute when you're own child does it ;))

Will had his first swim class last week. Well, he was the only one in it for now, so it was more like a private lesson. He was kicking his legs, went under water, and was so content (until the last 5 minutes when he was super tired). My friend has a lady she's taken all her kids to for summer swim lessons, so I am looking forward to when Will can do that next summer. He's made for the water!

Will has also tried and liked salsa (medium!), sour cream, refried beans and white chicken chili. He's grabbing at everything still, and he makes an "ahhh!" noise and them dives into to chomp on whatever is closest to him. He likes to hug/snuggle, and he especially likes to wiggle/"wrestle" with Daddy. He's getting so big...already in 12 month clothes!

But the best part of this week? Will keeps saying "mama" over and over! I don't think he connects me with those words quite yet, but we'll just pretend he does for warms my heart :)

Pulling out Daddy's chest hair

I had another cute bath pic, but his private parts were showing...

 A fav :)

Spent the night at Nana's and woke up to this picture :)

Nice bed head babe!

Great Nana here all the way from PA!

A freaking love this boy :)

He even kicked his legs!


Asleep before we even got home from MVP (a 10 minute drive!)

I went a little overboard with the swimming shame, he's my first! 


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