Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life in the Living Room

Since this is the 2nd snow day this week (so so thankful/happy to be home with Will!), I have some extra time to get another blog post in. I've had ideas for many posts, but lately it's too much effort after work :)

We've been able to spruce up our living room just a tad. I got a rug from for 75% off! They are having the sale until Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so you should check them out. They have so many options that it can be overwhelming at first, but I love their selection. Plus free shipping...bonus!

I switched out the side table we had from one that was sitting in our storage room. My plan is to paint it white. It's less clunky, and I like that it has a drawer to keep some of Will's lotions, nail clippers, etc. I swear Will is like a cat...we have to cut his nails when he's not bouncing all over (aka eating), so we keep the nail clippers in our living room. You didn't really need to know that...

We also put up more pictures in the living room. When it was just the two of us, I didn't feel the need to have pictures of Corey and I everywhere (besides our bedroom). But now I have so many pictures of Will I want displayed. I copied a look I found on pinterest of course.

Don't mind Corey, he's working from home today :)

I'd like to do some other minor changes like new lamps, and then some bigger changes like these chairs. They are on clearance too! And eventually a ceiling light since the lighting is poor at night with the high ceiling. 

Our laundry room doors were broken, so we took those off and added curtains with a tension rod. I also added pictures of Will at the top of the stairs from the day after he was born.

We are going crazy tackling my school loans each month, I got in a car accident last week so we have to pay our deductible (thankfully not the entire 10k!), and our computer just died. My coping skills were low last week. Needless to say, these last changes won't be for a long time. But it sure is fun to make changes bit by bit, plan and dream!

I'm also dreaming about changing the paint color in our bedroom to Sherwin Williams Sea's lovely :) But for now? I'm enjoying the changes we've been fortunate enough to make and relishing in the fact that I have so many blessings as it is!


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