Sunday, November 23, 2014

Will's Dedication

Will was dedicated at our church today. It was a beautiful ceremony, and we are incredibly grateful for our family to be a part of the dedication process with us. The ceremony consisted of a mini sermon, singing, introducing the children being dedicated (as in, the parents are choosing to raise their children in the faith), and then we huddled in small groups with our family. It was in the small group that Corey read the blessing we wrote to Will and his Great Grandpa prayed over him.

This was our blessing:

Dear Will,

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to God for His gift of you. You provide so much joy and laughter with your smile, giggles, snorts and easy-going nature. You are named after your Grandpa Rogan and your Daddy. So far we already see your personality as a facsimile of theirs. Little did we know when we became pregnant for you that our lives would be infinitely better when you arrived. The Lord is gracious in filling our lives with your presence.

When you were first born we were in awe of your tiny, soft feet; your post-nap stretches that seemed like such an effort; the humming sound when you ate, and the alarmingly loud toots that accompanied feeding time. We were also in a sleep-deprived state of psychosis. But the Lord provided strength and wisdom through the sleepless nights, and we pray you would seek His guidance and comfort when you have new, exciting or challenging experiences.

We hope to teach you, as our parents taught us, that nothing matters more than having faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. He is your protector, hope, and purpose. We pray you will have a strong work ethic, ability to be calm in trials, be honest at all times and have a fabulous sense of humor like Daddy. We also pray you will embrace every opportunity for growth, to be thoughtful and to listen to the needs of others like mommy. 

May you remember just how loved you are, William Courtney. Not only by us, but also by your Heavenly Father. You were His to begin with, and you are His evermore. May you “extol the Lord at all times, having his praise always on your lips. Let the afflicted hear and rejoice; glorify the Lord and exalt His name with others” as Psalm 34:1-3 reads. We adore you, Will, and we praise God for you!

Love from,

Mommy & Daddy

It was an emotional time as I was again reminded that Will is a gift to us and God is always at work. We are so blessed. There are many things my heart feels, but mostly, gratitude. Being a parent has been humbling, yet so invigorating. We cannot thank the Lord enough for His provision and goodness.

The better one of the three of us is coming later :)

Reading our blessing to Will

We both got weepy at the end :)

Great Grandpa praying over Will

Silly picture...sort of!

After the dedication we had everyone over for dinner at our house. It was so wonderful eating yummy food and having both of our families under one roof...I just love that. Today was a day I will treasure in my heart forever.


Leah Bradley said...

Such a sweet and special ceremony. <3

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