Monday, December 8, 2014

32 Weeks!

Baby boy is 32 weeks!

He's getting so big it's just unbelievable. His latest thing is screaming at the top of his lungs when he's excited...which is a lot of the time. We celebrated Corey's Grandpa's 78th birthday on Saturday, and Will's squeals were heard throughout the restaurant. It was quite hilarious actually. He squeals and smiles non-stop! He especially loves animals and "kissing" (more like attacking) our faces.

He has started to reach up when he wants to be held. He also will start to fuss or cry when we walk away unless we are able to distract him with a toy. It's comforting to know he has appropriate separation anxiety...except that he doesn't care who he's with, he just doesn't want to miss out on anything ;)

He grabs everything in sight and is rocking on his knees still. He can pull him self onto some things too! Lately he's been more interested in standing while holding onto our fingers or throwing himself on his big bear rather than crawling.

He loves sounds we make...buzzing, clicking our tongues, spitting, singing and rolling our "Rs". He had a fun personality before, but it's so sweet to watch more and more of him evolve. He has so many more facial expressions that are simply the best. My favorite is when he sees me...he'll be playing in the exersaucer at small group, scan the room, and then light up when he makes eye contact with me (well, anyone really)...but I like to think he smiles extra big for me!

He was super content at swim again and didn't mind being dunked often. At one point he was holding on to the edge on his own! At which point I "freaked out" in the spot I was watching from. And that is why Daddy does swimming with him ;) And clearly he was just fine.

The poor guy has been more constipated lately, and he's been sleeping less. (I'm sure he'll love that I told everyone on the interwebs that). Naps haven't been as stellar and he's been waking up early at night (4-6am). We think we're getting it under control (who knew molasses was supposed to help with that?!), and we're hoping he gets back to his usual sleeping patterns. Hopefully all the prunes he's been eating help too. Side note: tonight at dinner I firmly told Will "no" because he kept pulling his bib off (aka prunes all over his PJs), and he began to cry. But then he listened and stopped! Got to start young...

Love this silly boy!

There was a cuter one of him looking, but his privates were showing...


Pulling out every toy, one by one

This is a very awkward photo...but he is pulling himself up by my hair and then trying to suck on my face. We have a strange kid... :)

Showing his bear some toys

Great Grandpa's 78th birthday lunch!

Climbing on Daddy

Loving our snuggles

Wishing he was walking!

I love you my sweet baby boy!


Leah Bradley said...

He is the sweetest.

Stacy Hoeksema said...

Everyone says it goes fast, but geez, he is just so big already. Love his smiles!

Katie said...

Confession: I love these posts! It's so fun to read how Will is growing, but my favorite part is looking back at them when Caleb hits that age {he's exactly 7 weeks behind} and comparing. Not in a bad way, but in a fun 'look how they're both growing!' way. :)

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