Monday, December 15, 2014

33 Weeks

Will is 33 weeks old today!

His first tooth started to cut through on Tuesday. He's rolling back to front and front to back a lot more now. And he still goes BANANAS (aka jumping like a wild animal) in his exersaucer. He seems WAY heavier...gaining weight like it's his job. He's also been scrunching up his nose often and grabbing every toy in sight. Swim is still going well--he is quite content in the water!

We made Christmas presents for Grandma/pa & Nana/Papa from Will. He laughed the entire time (I'll explain more later when I can post pictures of them). Will also rode Sandy the Pony at Meijer with Nana/Papa this weekend. He spent the night at their house, so Corey and I could hang out with his brother & SIL. Don't get me wrong, I obviously love our little guy, but it was wonderful having a night (and morning!) of freedom...definitely needed. He gets to spend the night at Grandma/pa's house over Christmas break soon too! The only downside is that I have to go back to work and miss. him. like. crazy.

Not much else to report...just loving our precious time with Will :)

This lifted my spirits at work :)

Smooching his bear!


Mags decided to sit in front of us to make a love train

And of course Will started smooching her back (so Maggie tried to turn and smooch his face off)

Seeing his buddy, Preston! (He's 9 months old)

Seriously the cutest

 We took this same picture with the boys when Will was only 5 days old...we need to do a comparison :)

Love his watch

This is how we dry our jeans in the Osbeck house

I can tell he's having a really great nap...chatting away

First Sandy ride with papa!

He. is. a fish.

Can't stop kissing this baby every change I get!


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