Monday, December 29, 2014

35 Weeks!

 Will is 35 weeks old today! I'm just posting pictures for this week since his 8 month post was yesterday (found here). He's such a big boy now!

He moves to fast for pictures now!

I have a funny photo of his booty as he's reaching for the elephant...he'll thank me later for not posting that one :)

Moving all around in the tub now--may outgrow his ducky soon!

Can't get enough of those cheeks!

O hai Mags

 Too many fans in the restaurant...didn't want to look for a picture

 Nap time over already?!

Scrunching up his nose all the time lately

[Disregard my baby voice...]

We are so proud of you, babe!


Leah Bradley said...

He's such a friendly happy guy. <3 sweetie.

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