Sunday, December 28, 2014

8 Months

I can't believe Will is 8 month already! He crawled in this video, but since then he's just been taking a few "steps" at a time. He's also been pulling himself up on his exersaucer on his own today!

Will is getting so heavy, and he's been sleeping more at night lately. He thinks it's hilarious when I brush my teeth, and he gets angry when I don't let him clip his own nails. He's definitely developing opinions, but it makes him that much more fun! He loves food, and always wants to be eating what we're eating. He's laughing more than ever. His giggles crack me up, so we'll often both be belly laughing, and I have no idea why...he sure makes my heart happy :)

And now for the picture overload (including outtakes)!

So thankful (and in love) for this big guy!


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