Saturday, December 27, 2014

Will's First Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Corey, Will and I went out to breakfast which has been our tradition since before Corey and I were even engaged. Will helped Daddy finish his omelet by eating mushrooms, onions, eggs, cheese and green peppers! After delicious food and Will's nap, we went to his Great Grandparent's house for lunch where Will enjoyed ham and playing with new toys. He is at the point where he demands to eat if he sees us all eating together. Following lunch, Will took another nap, and we spent the remainder of the day with Corey's parents. While at their house, Will tried lemons for the first time (hilarious!), and he even crawled!! I've got it on video, so it will be in his 8 month post tomorrow.

Pull ups :P

On Christmas day, we had our own Christmas which was pretty small since we only purchased one gift for Will (the Costco teddy bear), and he's been playing with it for weeks already. We didn't start and holiday traditions, but next year we'll start when he actually understands what we're doing :) This year it was nice to have a stress-free Christmas while enjoying the many gifts he received from family.

After our morning routine, we went to celebrate Christmas with my family. It is always fun watching my nephews open their gifts, and Will was entertained by a few toys, his cousins, and the Christmas tree. 

Listening to Carson play the was lovely ;)

Here are the presents Will made which I am finally able to post as everyone has opened their gift now. Most people either received a plate, coffee mug or picture frame with some variation of the feet. Some aren't stellar because he would curl or move his toes! He thought it was hilarious to have his feet painted :)

Overall the past few days have been a wonderful reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. There is nothing greater than His gift of salvation for which we are very thankful for.

Merry Christmas!


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